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Check out the media coverage so far - more to come!

Nov 25, 2022: Halt Bill 23: Indigenous groups and Ontarians call on Province to halt ‘More Homes BuiltFaster’ act


Aug 27, 2022, Queen's Park Launch: Press Conference Click to view full video

Apr 27, 2022, OCEC Launch Day Clips  Click to view

​​​​​​Aug 2022 Talking Radical Radio Interview OCEC + Ontario Clean Air Alliance

May 30, 2022 Toronto Star Op Ed:  A vote for climate is a vote for the future

Apr 27, 2022 CBC TV Local News (Evening & Late News, English & French - lead story on Tele-Journal) (starts at 9:28 English)

Apr 27, 2022 CBC News (print)

Apr 27, 2022 CBC Radio: Interview on Here and Now @5PM

Apr 27, 2022 The Energy Mix

Apr 27, 2022 Global news

Apr 27, 2022 CHCH

Climate Inspiration: 12 Points to move us forward


November 4th 2023 Power Up Rally

The Power Up East Toronto Day of Action, organized by Toronto East Residents for Renewable Energy (TERRE), took place successfully on Saturday, November 4, at Jimmie Simpson Park, 872 Queen St. E. This collaborative event with and OCEC brought together East End residents, climate justice groups, and concerned citizens to raise awareness about the adverse impacts of the Portlands gas plant expansion. Attendees participated in a range of activities, including insightful speakers, engaging art and music displays, kids' activities, and a short neighbourhood march. TERRE's Power Up East Toronto Day of Action highlighted the urgent need for government action in promoting cleaner, more sustainable energy alternatives.

Below are images and news coverage of the event. 

To learn more about Portland Gas and the TERRE, see this document answering some frequently asked questions. 

September 29th 2023 Presentation by Gaby Kalapos

Gaby Kalapos of Ontario Clean Air Partnership recently spoke at an OCEC meeting on the topic of climate action at the municipal level. Listen to recording of the presentation below.

Moving Into Action at The Municipal LevelGaby Kalapos
00:00 / 42:45

September 26th 2023 Lobby breakfast at Queen's Park

On Tuesday, September 26, 2023, an inspiring event unfolded in Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario, bringing together 30 dedicated citizens with seven Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) and four of their staffers over breakfast.

This gathering was made possible by various civil society groups, including OCEC, the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) Canada, Climate Fast, For Our Grandchildren. Empowered citizens were calling on the government of Ontario to accelerate the reduction of GHGs in Ontario and pause the expansion of methane-fired electricity in Ontario.

The breakfast meeting was marked by powerful speeches, with Zoe Keary-Matzner from Fridays For Future TO and Dr. Mili Roy, Co-Chair of both OCEC and CAPE Ontario, delivering excellent addresses. The event was skilfully emceed by Vanessa Fiore, a youth CCL leader in Canada, who has been part of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada since she was just 16 years old.

Another youth at the event, 10-year-old Robert at Children’s Climate Championship, gathered signatures on his “Trick or Treat” pledge and produced this excellent 2.5 minute video about his experience and hopes.

Learn more about what happened at

September 20th 2023 Ralph Torrie Webinar

Ralph Torrie is Director of Research for Corporate Knights, a Toronto-based research and publishing company focused on the role of business in the sustainability transition. He has 45 years of experience in the energy and environment space and has been actively involved in the climate change issue since 1988. He grew up and lives in Cobourg and was a candidate for the Northumberland and Quinte West Green Party in the federal elections of 2008 and 2011. 


In July 2023, the Ford government released “Powering Ontario’s Growth”. The ‘plan’ locks Ontario into a costly and climate-wrecking, energy future. Out of step with much of the world, the Ontario government has decided to push renewable energy to the sidelines as it commits to more fossil gas, more dirty hydrogen and more costly nuclear.

This webinar is part of a series of events in September in which public engagement is needed to fight back against an anti-climate age. Watch the recording at 

Torrie Banner.jpg

September 2023 Global March to end Fossil Fuels


This September, while the United Nations holds a summit on the future of fossil fuels, people around the world took to the streets to demand a transition away from oil and gas that is ‘fast, fair and forever’. The flagship march was held in New York City, and other events were organized around the world. Learn more about this event at

and read the post-event write-up here.

September 2023 "Doorways"

This Holiday Monday non-profit The School For Climate (@theschoolforclimate) collaborated with the Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign and “youth” artists in an alleyway beside CSI Spadina to make their voices and visions for our future heard.  

An inspirational vision for our future is based on the connection between climate justice, affordability, a resilient healthcare system, indigenous sovereignty, equitable representation, and a conscious economy propelled by hope, not paralyzed by fear.

Each artist painted on both sides of their canvases to show the two doorways we can choose to walk through. A doorway to embrace change and thrive. A doorway to desperately cling to doing the same.

Which doorway will you choose?

How will you vote for & with youth?

May 14, 2022 Rally for Climate, Communities and Nature at Queen's Park

This spring we have a chance to choose another path - one that prioritizes people and the planet.  In the lead up to the provincial election, let’s come together and make it clear that we want a government that will take immediate action to bring down emissions, protect biodiversity, and build sustainable communities.  You’ll also hear a range of inspiring speakers and performers!  Family friendly accessible event.

Hosted by: Environmental Defence; Climate Voice; David Suzuki Foundation; Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign; Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) - Ontario; Climate Fast; Seniors For Climate Action Now!; Music Declares Emergency Canada.

May 14 Rally-4.heif
May 14 Rally-3.heif
May 14 Rally - 5.heif
May 14 Rally-6.heif

May 1, 2022 Rally Day of Action for a Better Ontario


The OCEC Team at May 1 Rally

     OCEC Speaker at Grange Park Rally May 1, 2022 Lyn Adamson, Co-chair OCEC

OCEC Launch at Queen's Park


Left to Right: Deena Ladd (Workers Action Centre); Lana Goldberg (Environmental Defence); Mili Roy (Cdn Assn of Physicians for the Environment, CAPE-ON);

Andre Forsythe (Climate Challenge & School for Climate) and Samantha Green (CAPE-ON)

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