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2022 municipal candidates endorsing climate action

The Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign acknowledges the outstanding climate leadership of the following candidates for the 2022 Ontario Municipal election who have endorsed the 4 Point Municipal Climate Action Plan. The list will continue to be updated until Oct 23 for the Oct 24, 2022 election:

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Last Updated Oct 23, 2022

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Candidates by Name (alphabetical):

Last Updated Oct 23, 2022

Giovanni Abati:  Ward 4  Windsor (Councillor)


Warsama A Aden:  Secteur 10 (Quartier 12 et 13) Ottawa Rideau-Vanier et Rideau-Rockcliffe (Conseiller Scolaire)

Renaldo Agostino:  Ward 3 Windsor

Zainab Alsalihiy:  Ward 22 Riverside South/Findlay Creek (Councillor)

Walter Alvarez-Bardales: Ward 16 Don Valley East (Councillor)

Granville Anderson: Wards 1 & 2 Clarington (Regional Councillor)

Nathaniel Arfin:  Burlington Wards 3 & 6 - Halton DSB (School Trustee)

Mike Arkin: Ward 6 Toronto York Centre (Councillor)

Axel Arvizu:  Ward 11 Toronto (Councillor)

Terence Au:  Richmond Hill (Regional Councillor)

Justine Bell: Zone 10 Somerset Ottawa English Public Ottawa Carleton District School Board (School Trustee)

Ken Boschoff:  Thunder Bay (Mayoral Candidate)***

Hicham Boutaleb:  Ward 12 Rideau-Vanier (Councillor)

Michelle Braniff:  Ward 3 Cambridge (Councillor)

Alejandra Bravo:  Ward 9 Davenport (Councillor)

Allan Bray:  Ward 6 Barrie

Pat Brennan:  Ward 24 Barr Haven East Ottawa (Councillor)

Maurice Brenner:  Ward 1 Pickering Region (Regional Councillor)

Terry Broda:  Ward 4 Wilmot Township (Councillor)

Angela L Browne:  Ward 2 St Andrew's St Catherine's (Councillor)

Sydney Brouillard-Coyle: Ward 7 Windsor (Councillor)

Angela L. Browne: Ward 2 St. Catharines (Councillor)

Jo-Dee Burbach:  Stratford (Councillor)

Marty Carr:  Ward 18 Alta Vista Ottawa (Councillor)

Shelley Carroll:  Ward 17 Don Valley Toronto(Councillor)

Dan Carter:  Oshawa (Mayoral Candidate)***

Craig Cassar:  Ward 12 Hamilton (Councillor)

Jonathan Cassels: Ward 6 Waterloo (Councillor)

Godwin Chan:  Richmond Hill (Regional Councillor)

Debbie Chapman: Ward 9 Kitchener (Councillor)

Lily Cheng:  Ward 18 Willowdale Toronto (Councillor)

Lucrezia Chiappetta:  Ward 6 Caledon (Councillor)

Sharon Chisholm:  Ward 6 Richmond Hill (Councillor)

Karen Cilevitz:  Ward 5 Richmond Hill (Councillor)

Vincent Cinanni:  District 9 Williamsville Kingston (Councillor)

Aislinn Clancy:  Ward 10 Kitchener (Councillor)

Ian Clark:  District 9 Williamsville Kingston (Councillor)

Amy Collard:  Ward 5 Burlington Halton DSB (School Trustee)

Marco Coletta:  Richmond Hill (Regional Councillor)

Genevieve Coritana:  Wards 5,6,7,8 Windsor Greater Essex County DSB (School Trustee)

Cheryl Connors: Ward 4 Caledon (Councillor)

Linda Cook:  Ward 2 Pickering (Regional Councillor, Ward 2)

T C Paige Crewson:  West Grey (Councillor)

Brian Cummings:  Penetanguishene (Deputy Mayoral Candidate)

Emma Cunningham:  DDSB Pickering (School Trustee)

Kojo Damptey:  Ward 14  West Mountain/Ancaster Hamilton (Councillor)

Peter Davis:  Ward 10 Kitchener (Councillor)

Steven Del Duca:  Vaughan (Mayoral Candidate)***

Spencer Bellows Dewolfe:  St. Patrick’s Ward 4 St. Catharine’s (Councillor)

Norm Di Pasquale:  Ward 11 University-Rosedale Toronto (Councillor)

Dawn Dodge:  Ward 5 Grantham St Catherine's (Councillor)

Sharon Doran:  Ward 6 Barrie (Councillor)

Burthomley Douzable: Ward 12 Rideau-Vanier Ottawa (Councillor)

Ryan Doyle:  Stratford (Councillor)

Phiona Durrant:  Aurora (Mayoral Candidate)

Michael Edwards:  Zone 2 Ottawa English Public Carleton DSB (School Trustee)

Michael Emm: Whitby (Regional Councillor)

Jim Erb: Waterloo (Regional Councillor)

Rob Evans:  Waterloo (Mayoral Candidate)

Dr. Rouba Fattal:  Ward 23 Kanata South (Councillor)

Ashan Fernando:  Ward 25 Scarborough-Rouge Park Toronto (Councillor)

David Ferreira:  Ward 13 London (Councillor)

Gloria Fisher:  Ashfield Colborne Wawanosh (Councillor)

Jarad Fisher:  Ward 4 London (Councillor)

Nicole Florent:  District 5 Portsmouth District Kingston (Councillor)

Michelle Francis:  Pickering Durham DSB (School Trustee)

Tina Fraser:  Kingston (Mayoral Candidate)

Vidya Sagar Gautam:  Brampton (Mayoral Candidate)

Rachel Gilliland: Ward 2 Aurora (Councillor)

Jacob Joel Ginsberg:  Ward 4 Vaughan (Councillor)

Steph Goertz: Ward 4 Wilmot Township (Councillor)

Chris Goff:  Wards 3 & 6 Burlington Halton DSB (School Trustee)

Adam Golding:  Ward 11 University-Rosedale Toronto (Councillor)

Grant Gonzales:  Ward 9 Davenport Toronto (Councillor)


Cheryl Gordjik: Ward 2 Wilmot (Councillor)

Robert Gottardi: Halton Hills (Mayoral Candidate)

Ainsley Graham:  Ward 3 London (Councillor)

Kayla Grant:  Ward 3 Woolwich Township (Councillor)

Miranda Gray:  Ward 11 Beacon Hill Cyrville Ottawa (Councillor)

Rick Greenspoon:  Ward 6 Burlington (Councillor)

Annette Groves:  Caledon (Mayoral Candidate)

Robert Gulassarian:  Vaughan (Mayoral Candidate)

Pranay Gunti: English Public - Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB Clarington (School Trustee)

Stan Habza:  Ward 5 Hamilton (Councillor)

Andrew Hall:  Ward 5 Burlington (City & Regional Counillor)

Sandra Hanmer:  Ward 1 Waterloo (Councillor)

Bonnie Henderson:  Stratford (Councillor)

John Henry:  Durham Region (Regional Chair)

Kate Hepworth:  Ward 1 Caledon (Councillor)

Robert Hill: Ward 7 Ottawa (Councillor)

Lana Hiscock:  Ward 10 Kitchener (Councillor)

Blayr Hogg:  Ward 5 Waterloo (Councillor)

Dan Holt:  Ward 1 Woolwich (Councillor)

Soaad Hossain:  Toronto (Mayoral Candidate)

Kevin Hua:  Ward 6 Stittsville Ottawa (Councillor)

Chantal Huinink: Waterloo (Regional Council)

Joe Ingino:  Oshawa (Mayoral Candidate)

John Ingold:  Ajax DDSB (School Trustee)

Shaker Jamal:  Ward 9 Davenport Toronto (Councillor)

Carlotta James:  Ward 5 Northcrest Peterborough (Councillor)

Maher Jebara:  Zone 11 Beacon Hill Cyrville English Public Ottawa Carleton DSB (Board of Trustees)

Andre Jmourko:  Ward 1 Barrie (Councillor)

Colin Johnson: Ward 13 Toronto Centre (Councillor)

Margaret Johnston:  Ward 8 Kitchener (Councillor)

Bryden Jones:  Grey Highlands English Public Bluewater DSB (School Trustee)

Nili Kaplan-Myrth:  Zone 9 Capital and Alta Vista Ottawa English Public Ottawa Carlton DSB (School Trustee)

Alan Kasperski: Stratford (Councillor)

Theresa Kavanagh:  Ward 7 Bay Ottawa (Councillor)

Zeynab Kazi:  Ward 1 Pickering (Councillor)

Ron Keays:  Ward 10 Gloucester-Southgate Ottawa (Councillor)

Tobin Kern:  Sault Ste. Marie (Mayoral Candidate)

Shauna Kingston:  Ward 5 Northcrest Peterborough (Councillor)

Kirsten Kelly:  Wards 1 & 2 Halton Catholic DSB Burlington (School Trustee)

Geoff Krauter: Stratford (Councillor)

Carolyn Kropp:  Ward 18 Alta Vista Ottawa (Councillor)


Ann Lawlor: Halton Hills (Mayoral Candidate)***

Sarah Lehman:  Ward 14 London (Councillor)

Brian Lewis:  Ward 14 Hamilton (Councillor)

John Lewis: Stratford (Councillor)

Mary Lichty: Ward 3 Wellesley Township (Councillor)

Anders Lindfors-Wheeler:  Ward 5 Richmond Hill (Councillor)

Alexandria Liu:  District 11 King's Town Kingston (Councillor) 

Lynda Lukasik:  Ward 5 Hamilton (Councillor)

Catherine MacDonald:  Midland (Councillor)

Tracey Mackinnon: Thunder Bay (Councillor at Large)

Stephanie Maghnam:  Ward 5 - West Carleton-March Ottawa (Councillor)

Ausma Malik:  Ward 10 Toronto (Councillor)

Angelo Marignani:  Ward 7 Windsor (Councillor)

Megg Markettos:  Ward 12 Hamilton (Councillor)

Steven Martin: Ward 4 Wilmot Township (Councillor)

Doug Maskell: Ward 3 Caledon (Councillor)

Amanda Maxwell:  Ward 5 Cambridge (Councillor)

Reid McAlpine:  Ward 3 Markham (Councillor)

Dorothy McCabe:  Waterloo (Mayoral Candidate)***

James McCarte:  Ward 3 Windsor (Councillor)

Suzanna E. McCarthy:  Ward 1, 2 & 3 Barrie (School Trustee)

Colleen McCauley:  Ward 8 London (Councillor)

Robin McKee:  Ward 2 Hamilton (Councillor)

Robin McPherson:  Ward 4/St. Patrick's St. Catharines (Councillor)

Rahul Mehta: Ward 8 Mississauga (Councillor)

Shawn Menard:  Ward 17 Capital Ottawa (Councillor)

Patrick Merlihan: Woolwich Township (Mayoral Candidate)

Norman Miles:  London (Mayoral Candidate)

Chris Moise:  Ward 13 Toronto Centre Toronto (Councillor)

Ian Morton:  Stratford (Councillor)

Caroline Murphy: Ward 13 Toronto Centre Toronto (Councillor)

Jamaal Myers:  Ward 23 Scarborough-Rouge Park Toronto (Councillor)

Mara Nagy:  City Ward 2 Pickering (Councillor)

Bradley Nazar:  Pickering (Mayoral Candidate)

Peter Neal: Durham Region Chair

Tom Neale:  Ward 2 St Andrew's St. Catharine's (Councillor)

Matt Nicolaidis: Ward 4 - London (Councillor)

Gordon Noble:  Ward 5 Hamilton (Councillor)

Chris Noor:  Toronto Ward 1 Etobicoke North (Councillor)

Mike Nowak:  Ward 21 RMO Carleton Ottawa (Councillor)

Skyler McArthur-O'Blenes:  Kingston (Mayoral Candidate)

Markus O'Brien Fehr: Ward 18 Toronto Willowdale (Councillor)

Adetunde Ogunberu:  Northwood, Thunder Bay (Councillor At Large)

Chiara Padovani: Ward 5 York South-Weston Toronto (Councillor)

Lori Paras:  McKellar Ward Thunder Bay (Councillor)

Michael Parkinson:  Region of Waterloo/Kitchener (Regional Councillor)

Dick Passmore:  Haldimand County (Mayoral Candidate)

Kurdil-Telt Patch:  Durham (Regional Chair)


Nancy Peckford:  North Grenville (Mayoral Candidate)***

Yvonne Pelletier:  West Grey (Councillor)

Gil Penalosa: City of Toronto (Mayoral Candidate)

Gord Perks: Ward 4 Parkdale-High Park Toronto (Councillor)

Anthony Perruzza:  Ward 7 Humber River-Black Creek Toronto (Councillor)

Stephen Perry:  Collingwood (Councillor)

Jenn Pfenning:  Wilmot Township, Region of Waterloo (Mayoral Candidate)

Stephanie Plante:  Ward 12 Rideau Vanier Ottawa (Councillor)

Robin Buxton Potts:  Ward 11 University-Rosedale Toronto (Councillor)

Saifullah Qasimi:  Ward 3 London (Councillor)

Peter Rodrigues:  Ward 3 Pickering Region (Regional Councillor)

Emilio Raimondo:  Ward 2 St Catharines (Councillor)

Raquel Rakovac:  Ward 2 Hamilton (Councillor)

Lloyd Rang: Ward 2 Clarington (Councillor)

Fred Redekop:  Ward 2 Woolwich (Councillor)

Karen Redman: Waterloo Region (Regional Chair Candidate)

Iffat Riasat:  Waterloo (Regional Councillor)

Bryan Richardson: Ward 3 Kitchener (Councillor)

Steven Rieck:  Burlington (Mayoral Candidate)

Martin Ritsma:  Stratford (Mayoral Candidate***

Hans Roach:  Ward 3 Waterloo (Councillor)

Stacie Roberts:  Ward 5 Caledon (Councillor)

Don Robinson: Stratford (Councillor)

Jaye Robinson:  Ward 15 Don Valley West Toronto (Councillor)

Alex Rochman:  Zone 2 Kanata North & South English Public Ottawa Carleton DSB (School Trustee)

Matt Rodrigues: Region of Waterloo (Regional Councillor Kitchener)

Peter Rodrigues:  Ward 3, Pickering (Regional Councillor)

Matt Rogers:  Ward 2 Cambridge (Councillor)

Sheralyn Roman:  Caledon English Separate Dufferin Peel CDSB (School Trustee)

Bob Romeo:  Ward 5 Grantham St. Catharines (Councillor)

Kevin Rupasinghe:  Ward 20 Scarborough Southwest (Councillor)

Ethan Sabourin:  Ward 16 River Ward Midland (Councillor)

Evan Sambasivam:  Ward 8 Eglinton-Lawrence Toronto (Councillor)

Dianne Saxe: Ward 11 University-Rosedale Toronto (Councillor)

Ute Schmid-Jones:  Midland (Mayoral Candidate)

Eric Schomann:  Tiny Township (Councillor)

Matthew Schwarze:  Ward 6 Waterloo (Councillor)

Laura Shantz:  Ward 12 Ottawa (Councillor)

Sandy Shantz:  Woolwich Township (Mayoral Candidate)***

Sheena Sharp: Ward 15 Don Valley West Toronto (Councillor)

Raika Sheppard: Ward 4 Richmond Hill (Councillor)

Margo Shuttleworth:  Ward 4 Halton DSB (School Trustee)

Karen Sloan:  Ward 1 Pickering (Councillor)

Chris Slye:  Ward 6 Hamilton (Councillor)

Adam Smith: Ward 19 Toronto (Councillor)

Donn Sobers:  Ward 1, 2, 3 Pickering (School Trustee)

Madelyn Steiss: Ward 3 Waterloo (Councillor)

Bobbi Stewart: Cambridge (Councillor)

Lori Stinson:  Ward 2 Orleans West Innes (Councillor)

Peter Stroud:  District 10 Sydenham Kingston (Councillor)

Patrick Sutherland:  Ward 4 Windsor (Councillor)

Mark Tadeson:  Ward 11 Hamilton (Councillor)

Gabriel Takang:  Ward 5 Toronto (Councillor)

Erick Takor: Ward 1 Cambridge (Councillor)

Alvin Tedjo:  Ward 2 Mississauga (Councillor)

Steve Thompson:  Ward 19 Beach East York Toronto (Councillor)

Corinna Traill:  Ward 3 Bowmanville Clarington (Councillor)

Sam Trosow:  Ward 6 London (Councillor)

Ariel Troster:  Ward 14 Somerset Ottawa (Councillor)

Zachary Typhair:  Kingston District 5 Portsmouth (Councillor)

Kiri Vadivelu:  Ward 21 Scarborough Centre (Councillor)

Clifford Vanclief: Ward 4 Cambridge (Councillor)

Kathy Vassilakos:  Stratford (Mayoral Candidate)

Frank Vatalaro:  Midland (Councillor)

Matthew Villella: Thunder Bay (Councillor At Large)

Claire Holloway Wadhwani:  Ward 1 Port Hope (Councillor)

Brooklyn Wallis:  Ward 9 Kitchener (Councillor)

Marianne Meed Ward: Burlington (Mayoral Candidate) 

Nicki Ward:  Ward 13 Toronto Centre Toronto (Councillor)

Veronica Warner:  Ward 9 London (Councillor)

Steven Warren:  Ward 5 Ottawa Carleton District School Board (School Trustee)

Shannon Weber:  Waterloo (Mayoral Candidate)

Evan Wee:  Ward 7 London (Councillor)

David West:  RIchmond Hill (Mayoral Candidate)***

David White:  Ward 4 St. Catharines (Councillor)

Damian Williams: Ward 3 - Pickering (Councillor)

Robb Williamson:  Stratford (Councillor)

Alex Wilson:  Ward 13 Hamilton (Councillor)


Pam Wolf: Cambridge Region of Waterloo (Regional Councillor)

Ken Wood:  Stratford (Councillor)

Jennie Worden: Ward 19 Toronto Beaches-East York (Councillor)

Julie Wright:  Ward 7 Waterloo (Councillor)

Thomas Yanuziello: Ward 3 Etobicoke Centre Toronto (Councillor)

Juni Yeung: Ward 3 Richmond Hill (Councillor)

Brian Yeoman:  Ward 3 Windsor (Councillor)

Highlighted Candidates:  Elected to Municipal Office

2022 PROVINCIAL Candidates Endorsing climate action

The Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign acknowledges the outstanding climate

leadership of the following candidates for the 2022 Ontario general election

who endorsed the 12 Point Climate Action Plan:

Giovanni Abati: Independent, Windsor-Tecumseh (Signed Candidate's Pledge)

* Jill Andrew:  Ontario New Democratic Party, Toronto St Paul's

* Jessica Bell:  Ontario New Democratic Party, Unversity-Rosedale (Signed Candidate's Pledge)

Shelby Bertrand: Green Party of Ontario, Ottawa Centre (Signed Candidate's Pledge)

Gabriel Blanc:  Green Party of Ontario, Etobicoke North (Signed Candidate's Pledge)

Laura Campbell:  Green Party of Ontario, Dufferin-Caledon

Sandy Crawley: Green Party of Ontario, Hamilton Centre

Lisa Francis: Green Party of Ontario, Northumberland-Peterborough South (Signed Candidate's Pledge)

* Joel Harden: Ontario New Democratic Party, Ottawa Centre (Signed Candidate's Pledge)

Kyle Hutton: Green Party of Ontario, Burlington (Signed Candidate's Pledge)

Faisal Hassan:  Ontario New Democratic Party, York South-Weston (Signed Candidate's Pledge)

Ian Lipton: Green Party of Ontario, Toronto St Paul's (Signed Candidate's Pledge)

Julie Lutete: Liberal Party of Ontario, Etobicoke North

Tracey Mackinnon: Green Party of Ontario, Thunder Bay-Superior North

Brian Maclean:  Green Party of Ontario, Etobicoke Centre

Karen Meissner: New Democratic Party of Ontario, Kitchener-Conestoga (Signed Candidate's Pledge)

Lisa Patel: Liberal Party of Ontario; Scarborough Southwest

Krysta Glovasky Ridsdale: Green Party of Ontario, Windsor West (Signed Candidate's Pledge)

Kurt Stoll: New Democratic Party of Ontario, Renfrew Nipissing Pembroke (Signed Candidate's Pledge)

Matthew Van Ankum: Green Party of Ontario, Huron Bruce

Ashley Waters: Liberal Party of Ontario, Niagara Falls (Signed Candidate's Pledge)

Thomas Yanuziello: Green Party of Ontario, Etobicoke-Lakeshore

David Zeni: Green Party of Ontario, Mississauga-Lakeshore (Signed Candidate's Pledge)

* Highlighted Candidates: Elected to Queen's Park

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