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Ontario Climate Emergency campaign

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Image by Juan Davila

your environmental democracy movement

Empowering Every Ontarian to Drive Change

The Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign is a non-partisan campaign promoting awareness on the climate crisis and environmental issues. Empowering citizens and urging political leaders with your democratic voice to drive the urgent transformational changes needed to secure the present and the future of all Ontarians.

Learn more about Bill 23, The More Homes Built Faster Act

Sign the OCEC petition to demand government accountability to climate action  

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why we must act now

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has clearly declared a “code red for humanity." 

We are already living the impacts of uncontrolled human activity devastating the very environment which sustains our survival.

We have barely a decade left in which to act to make a real impact on the escalating climate crisis.

We also already have all the solutions we need to prevent uncontrolled climate collapse:  the science and technology, the economic tools, the human resources. What we must marshal now is the wisdom and the will to implement every possible means to urgently transform Ontario’s response to the climate emergency.

Massive collective action is our only way forward, harnessing the energy of every individual, every leader, policy maker and politician, every business, educational, cultural and financial institution to achieve our critical climate targets.

​There has never been more at stake for humanity. Start taking action right now by signing on, taking the climate pledge on this website and hold accountable the leaders we elect to govern. Accept nothing less.  Working together we can still secure a livable planet for the future.

Image by Noire Photography

Vote for climate action now.

Hold government accountable. 

Secure today and tomorrow. Together.


  • ​Check out our Resources section for many more ideas, inspirations and information. 

  • Sign up to Volunteer in any way that you can!  

  • Share with everyone you know to get involved and grow the movement. 

Image by Christina Victoria Craft

Every person makes a difference. Every action gets us closer to the climate solutions we urgently need to secure a livable future.



This Holiday Monday non profit The School For Climate (@theschoolforclimate) collaborated with the Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign and “youth” artists in an alleyway beside CSI Spadina to make their voices and visions for our future heard.  

An inspirational vision for our future is based on the connection between climate justice, affordability, a resilient health care system, indigenous sovereignty, equitable representation, and a conscious economy propelled by hope, not paralyzed by fear.

Our future is a choice for all of the above, not a choice between them.

Each artist painted on both sides of their canvases to show the two doorways we can choose to walk through.


A doorway to embrace change and thrive.


A doorway to desperately cling to doing the same.

Which doorway will you choose?

How will you vote for & with youth?

How did you hear about us?

Thank you!

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